Amateur Radio Station

H. J. Ray Cypers

Nieuwrodesesteenweg, 25

B-3200 Aarschot



T. +32 (0)16 56 70 12  


Amateur Radio Station 

Licensed since 1950

    Member of ARRL  (American Radio Relay League)



ARRL Diamond Club

  - 50 Years -

 Membership Loyalty Award

Certificate of Recognition

Here you can find out what amateur radio is all about.








Member of UBA 

(Royal Union of Belgian Amateur radio operators) 

Hier kom je te weten wat radio amateurisme is.

Ici vous trouvez ce que c'est le radio amateurisme.







  Operator: H. J. Ray Cypers          


            Born September 1927


            Electronics Engineer (1948) Na.Ra.Fi. - In.Ra.Ci.- National Radio- and Film-technical Institute.

            Became Manager of the “Civil Telecommunications Department” Philips/MBLE Brussels.

            Retired since 1992.

           Consultant for a telecommunication network in Algeria (1993)


1950 April 3th: succeeded in the examination for Radio Operator Telegraphy.

         Call sign ON4OC  , Cat 5 - sect. A (Power 30 Watt).

1951 March 5th: succeeded in the examination for Radio Operator Telephony.  

1953 Jan.: Authorisation Radio Station 5th Cat. Section B (75 Watt).

1956 Feb.: Authorization for a weekly “H.F. Propagation & DX-News” Broadcast on 80m.

1960 Oct.: Authorization for third-party traffic with the Belgian-Congo (OQ5-OQ0).

1962 June: Authorization for “Fixed-Portable” operation from Kain (Tournai) as ON4OC/A.

1963 June: Authorization for “ Mobile ” operation as ON4OC/M.

1963 July: Authorization to operate as ON4MPC, in behalf of MBLE-Telecom., for contacts with a Trans-Sahara expedition.

1973 Mar.: License as operator "Telecomand-station" Clas A

1984 April: Authorization for “RTTY” (Radio Teletype) and “S.S.T.V.” (Slow Scan Television) transmissions.

Updated on 14-03-14.

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Lat.: 50° 58' 30", (50.97) N.                   

Longt.: 4° 50' 13", (4.83) E.


Locator: JO 20 KX

55 m a.s.l.


45 km E.N.E. of Brussels, Belgium.

16 km S.E. of Leuven.







V.H.F. (2 m.):                                                                      

U.H.F. (70 cm):

Tx / Rx Equipment





Hardware: Dell XPS 8300 : Intel Core I5-2300, 4 MB RAM, 1 TB HD, 

                   D-Link N DIR-655 ADSL2/2+ Home Gateway,

                   Canon Pixma iP4500 printer,

                  Canon CanoScan 9000F scanner.

Network connection between P.3 & IBM-P4.


Software: Swiss-Log v. 5.2Eca, DX-Telnet v. 5.1 for Packet-Radio, for SSTV: Chromo Pix and MMSSTV v.1.08 ,

                  Proplab-Pro v. 2.0 and ASAPS v.4.0 for HF propagation, etc.  

                 Microsoft Windows 7 Pro., Office 2010 Pro., FrontPage2002, Publisher 2010. Corel Paint Shop Pro PhotoX6, a.o..


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